About Yankee Doodle Self Storage

The Yankee Doodle Self-Storage facility is a 65,000 square foot, 400-unit self-storage facility located in Eagan Minnesota. Yankee Doodle Self-Storage will be operated/managed by Johnson Property Services, LLC (JPS). Johnson Property Services is a property manager of rental townhomes and apartments.

This is Johnson Property Services’ first self-storage facility that they will manage. Johnson Property Services is also a small construction company that does commercial leasehold improvements and residential remodeling.

Johnson Property Services will be moving its office, workshop, and storage from Bloomington to Yankee Doodle Self-Storage. So, this self-storage facility will have a lot of activity unrelated to the self-storage business as the staff of Johnson Property Services come and go and often stay a while to do work on things related to other jobs we have. So, if you stop by and if we are not in the office give Jeff a call at 651-303-6317 or Adam at 651-274-2052 we or one of our staff might just be in the workshop.

Both Yankee Doodle Self-Storage and Johnson Property Services are owned by Jeff and Jackie Johnson, who live in Eagan, and Adam and Angie Johnson, who live in Inver Grove Heights. Jeff and Jackie have over 35 years in the residential rental business as hands on owners and managers including the actual hands-on rental process and maintenance of their properties. Adam and Angie over 15 years.

Yankee Doodle Self Storage