Mini Storage or Self Storage


Jeff Johnson
February 15th, 2022

To us Yankee Doodle Self Storage in Eagan is Self Storage. But you can call it Mini Storage. Many, maybe most people still do. To us, mini storage denotes outside small to garage sized buildings mostly built in the past. Although they are still being built in rural areas. Mini Storage is less expensive to build than today’s Self Storage. Self storage such as our self storage in Eagan near Inver Grove Heights is climate controlled with drive in and walk in units. All our units are essentially on one level. No elevator is needed to access any unit. So, 100% of our self storage units are handicapped assessable. We have many features that mini storage does not have like a golf simulator (the Albatross by Foresight Sports) and our Noke Smart Entry System which allows customers to enter the building and open their self storage unit with a Bluetooth app on a smart phone or key fob. Customers can share access with family, friends, etc for a day, week, month or indefinitely. We also have 150 units with automatic door openers, so customers do not have to physically lift and close their self storage unit door. And 180 of our self storage units have electricity so we call them electric storage units. Times are a changing in self storage.

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